Ways to prevent Blackheads


Blackheads are a very common problem found on skin which, almost anywhere on the face but more often found on the forehead, nose and cheeks. Sometimes they are painful and have many causes like excess oil, dead skin, bacteria and clogged pores.


Following are a few ways to prevent Blackheads:


  1. Cleanse your skin regularly

Although the main reason behind blackheads is not actually dirt, but washing your face regularly can remove the excess oil and dirt that can help prevent blackheads or clogging pores.

  1. Avoid Over Washing Skin

As important it is to wash your skin, it’s also important to avoid over washing it. Cleansing it too often or harshly can damage skin, remove the natural oil required and increases chances of breakouts. Washing acne prone area twice a day is sufficient enough to keep your skin clean and help prevent blackheads.

    3.Clean off makeup before bed

Going to sleep with makeup on your skin can clog pores. Remove all makeup smoothly or with a gentle makeup remover before you hit the bed. Also every month remember to clean your makeup applicators to remove all the bacteria that can clog pores.

      4. Moisturize Daily

Apply Moisturizer after you cleanse your skin. Hydrated skin can help avoid blackheads. All types of skin need to be moisturized irrespective of oily skin, etc. Using a moisturizer that is oil - free to have clear skin.

      5.  Keep hands away from most blackheads

Yu may fell very tempted or frustrated over blackheads and try to touch or pick at blackheads. It is better to avoid this method as picking at or touching may spread the bacteria all over and cause more blackheads to breakout.

     6. Use Comedone Extractor

Rather using your hands to pick out the large and stubborn blackheads, make use of an extractor that is easily available at most pharmacies and other retailers that sell skincare products. Also make sure to clean the tool after every use to maintain hygiene.

    7.  Mend your diet

In many studies it’s seen that people with nutritionally well – balanced diet have much better skin. Saying no to unhealthy and junk food can help prevent acne. Consuming food with high level of protein and vitamin like fruits, nuts veggies help to promote healthy skin.

    8. Consult Doctor or Dermatologists for intense repair

If you have very stubborn and painful blackheads it is better to consult a specialist that can help you cure and suggest the best products for your skin. Yu can also get the correct knowledge of treatment if required to undergo.



Blackheads can easily form on your skin and it may get very frustrating at times. Adding a few extra steps to your skin care routine can help you fight against blackheads easily.

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