Ways to get Rid of Dry & Flaky Hair

Do you have dry hair? It might be natural or result of some hair product or treatment. There are a few ways by which you can set in your routine to get your desired hair look. Changing the way you treat your hair can bring huge changes.


There are a few steps that you can follow to get smooth silky hair:


  1. Wash your hair less often

Many people do a mistake of washing their hair on daily basis. This makes the important natural oils to slip out that protect your hair from drying. Rather trying washing twice in a week and check for any changes in your hair.

  1. Moderate use of Shampoo

Do you tend to use more of shampoo to wash your hair? Extra shampoo can be harsh to your hair and wash out the protective oils that keep your hair soft and shiny. To avoid using overuse of shampoo, wet your hair completely first and then massage gently shampoo till your scalp to the tips. Trunext Coconut Avocado can be a good option. 

  1. Dry hair naturally

If you use hair dryer more often, it may cause your hair dry and frayed and even see split ends and make your hair look dull. Rather pat dry hair with a towel and not to rub it dry as it may lead to frizzy hair. Also use a wide tooth comb.

    4. Condition you Hair

After every time you shampoo, remember to apply conditioner as well. Dry hair can break easily so conditioning is necessary. There are conditioners also for dry hair damage repair which can result better and give your hair a soft and shiny look. Applying Trunext Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner might help condition hair.

   5. Apply Hair Oil

Using natural hair oils can result in huge as it will help your hair to get the correct vitamins and nutrients and keep it moisturized which will prevent from dryness. Using Onion black seed Oil, Trunext Argan Oil, Coconut Oil can be some great options.

   6. Use only Natural Products

Now a days, it’s important to look or the ingredients rather than the price of hair care products. Look of shampoo and conditioner and other hair care products that are sulphate and paraben free to have natural hair. Look for Trunext which is a Natural Hair and Skin Care Product Brand.


      7.  Stay Hydrated

Signs of dehydration will be seen in your hair. Drink plenty of water to keep your hair as well as your skin look healthy and lively. Try drinking water rather than any other beverages when thirsty.

     8.  Eat Nourishing Food

What kind of food you eat reflects on your outer body as well. If you are deficient in vitamins or nutrients, hair is one of the first places to show signs. Consume dairy products and lean meat for protein, more of nuts and veggies and fruits for vitamins.

    9.  Protect your Hair

There are many elements that can damage your hair like the sun, swimming pool water and air pollution. Make a practice to protect your hair from environmental elements to get positive changes in your hair. Wear a swim cap in pool, a hat when out in sun, etc. to keep your hair safe and healthy.


     10.  Trim Hair Regularly

Making changes in your habits can start increase in your hair growth. It may take time to spot huge changes. Trimming your hair regularly can get rid of dry, old hair and get you to see the positive changes to your hair by staying consistent and disciplined towards your hair transformation.



Dry hair not a big problem which cannot be cured, it can by following steps like above and by staying consistent to it. If the hair problem is big, consult experts for the best solutions rather experimenting yourself.

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