Tips to Deal with Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is quite difficult to manage, it happens when hair cuticles become unsettled. Lack of moisture, friction or chemical damage could be the reason behind your frizzy hair. But it also depends on how well you take care of your hair and what products you use before after shower.


Following you can use to get rid of frizzy hair


  1. Wash your hair less often in a week

Hair becomes frizzy because it’s dry and shampooing it frequently can dehydrate it more. Try to wash your hair every other day or less if you can. If you feel your roots to greasy, use dry shampoo products to help it soak all the excess oil. It can help improve hair texture and boost volume.


   2. .Apply shampoo just to the roots

 If you have frizzy hair, applying shampoo to the length of the hair can rough up the cuticle, apply shampoo near your scalp there’s where the most of the dirt and grease settles. Experts recommend to look for a sulphate and paraben free shampoo as it might dry out your hair.

     3. Use alcohol-free products

Frizzy hair requires a few of products to keep it intact. Choose hair products that are not alcohol based as you’ll end up drying your hair which leads to frizzy hair. Styling products that are natural and organic are good option for frizzy hair as they aren’t as harsh.

4. Dry hair naturally

Letting your hair dry naturally is better option, but when in hurry a blow dryer comes handy. Using blow dryer to completely dry your hair can lead to more frizz, let 90% your hair dry naturally and blow dry the rest to finish it off. Also in winters it’s advised to let your hair dry naturally as there’s less humidity in air in the cold weather as your hair is already dry.

5. Use flat iron to smooth you hair

Using flat iron is the easiest way to tame your frizzy hair. It seals the cuticle to make your hair look as smooth as possible. Remember to use a flat iron on complete dry hair, you can burn damp your hair if wet. Also choose a flat iron with ceramic plates to evenly spread the heat. And not to turn it more than 410 degrees as it would smooth any hair type.

6. Apply hair mask

When you need intense hydration, using hair mask once a week is the best option. Deep cleanse can help moisturize you hair but frizzy hair need some more. Apply hair mask on wet hair as it absorbs better. Use a wide-tooth comb to spread it evenly and let it for around 20 minutes. But do read the instructions before use.




So do follow all the steps to get of frizzy hair, and remember to buy natural and organic hair care products. If still confused then take suggestions from a Doctor for better and clear vision on your hair repair.

Remember every hair type is beautiful in its own way so treat your hair well so that it can help you look flawless.


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