Onion Black Seed Oil Benefits

Onion Black Seed Oil Benefits

An ingredient that is available in eve household kitchen, is loaded with benefits. Comes in use for variety of dishes, an onion is great for hair as well. It is loaded with vitamin c, vitamin b9, vitamin b6, and many other components. The beauty benefits of onion sync in with fastest hair growth, stronger hair roots, etc. it has the great properties of an antioxidant, antibacterial, anti – inflammatory to give great treatment to your hair.


Here’s a glimpse at the benefits of TRUNEXT Onion Black Seed Oil for hair:


  1. Influence Faster hair Growth

It helps to nourish from the roots and revive he scalp to balance your hair growth that increases the hair growth rate. Also helps to improve blood circulation and is a great simulant for hair growth.

  1. Prevents Hair Loss

Because of rich in sulfur, onion oil can prevent hair loss, split – ends, and thinning of hair. Also rich in antioxidant that help to produce enzyme that prevents from hair fall.

  1. Controls Dandruff

Onion oil comes with such great properties that help to cure the scalp and prevent it by drying out and getting flaky. This helps to stop the irritation on the scalp and dandruff.


4.Stops Split Ends


Rich in sulfur, onion black seed oil can help to repair split ends. Applying it from the scalp t the complete ends will help to recover hair.


5.Improves health and texture


Onion oil improves the overall health of hair and texture as well. It nourishes it well from the scalp roots to the end and makes it look strong and shiner by getting the smoothness and appealing glow. Adding Onion Black Seed Oil to your hair care routine will give you the best ever hair feels.



Apply appropriate amount of oil to your hair according to the volume and length, as over use of oil will make your hair look greasy and disadvantage in long run. Apply TRUNEXT Onion Black Seed Oil before shower, and massage it gently to reach all around and rinse it off with supporting shampoo and conditioner.


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