Harmful Ingredients That You Should Avoid while Buying Hair Care Products

It is highly advised to look for the list of ingredients so that you can have clarity on what you are applying on your hair. It is better to buy on basis of ingredients rather than some flashy ads. Why is it important be educated about this? Hair Products are made with a large amount of chemicals. And these chemicals can be dangerous for hair.


Hair Care Experts have identified a few of harmful ingredients that you should avoid while buying hair products.



A list of Few Ingredients to Avoid in Hair Products



  1. Sulfates

Sulfates are used to clean dirt and excess oil on the scalp. In hair products you can find it in shampoo, conditioner, etc. and they are used for lathering purpose. Surfactants like SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) are damaging. Sulphate can be as aggressive as it can cause dullness, breakage and split ends.



  1. Formaldehyde

Having a fancy expensive hair treatment may contain Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde releasers. Borneol, imidazolidine urea, DMDM hydantoin, quaternium-15 and diazolidine urea are all formaldehyde releasers. It is majorly found in cleansing agents and keratin treatment.


  1. Paraben

Paraben is used as preservative in hair care products to keep the product lasting. Paraben prevents the formation of bacteria in the products. A study in 2004 showed big amount of paraben in tumors of cancer patients, but researchers were unable to confirm the reason behind it. Despite there being no further research of paraben usage to be safe it’s recommended to use paraben free products.


  1. Phthalates

Phthalates are used to give fragrance that can stay on the scalp and hair. It is also used to increase the spreadability of a product. They are endocrine disruptors and are also highly dangerous for the environment. The current research suggests that exposure to one phthalate, DEHP (also-known-as bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate), can be harmful to human health.




What Ingredients should your Hair Care Products Contain?


  • Look for oils like coconut oil, aloe vera oil, castor oil, etc. for better hair nourishment.
  • Using butters like shea butter, Vit E, Argan oil, B5 for conditioning your hair.
  • Always make sure to use natural and organic products and check for the ingredients always before buying any hair care products.
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